Ann Armel

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Counselor & Consultant

Ann Armel has been with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation since 2005. She has worked as a counselor and consultant in that time. As a counselor she worked with eight (8) high schools in two (2) counties. Ann serves on the WY Advisory Panel for Students with Disabilities (WAPSD) with WY Dept of Education. She also works with the UW/WIND/ Project Echo for Secondary Transitions. Ann enjoys building collaborative networks to meet the principle of working smarter, not harder. She brings general knowledge from VR and Education and enjoys working with staff to increase their knowledge and ability to assist youth and citizens of Wyoming.  

Ann has had a 30 year career in various settings working with individuals with disabilities. She brings knowledge from those programs and other states when creating and developing programs that will fit Wyoming's unique culture and geography.