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Karen Bierhaus

Wyoming Department of Education
21stCCLC Program Consultant
Riverton, WY
Karen has worked in the education field for over 20 years including time in a school district and the last 5 years with the Wyoming Department of Education. She received her BS degree from the University of Wyoming in secondary science education studying geology, Native American studies and psychology. Throughout her career, whether by accident or design, she has been involved in informal education including summer camp on an Air Force base, leading a group of Young Astronauts for 6 years, and writing grant proposals. Karen’s passion for STEM learning has had an impact on her current work as the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Manager for the Wyoming Department of Education. She works to create capacity in local programs to teach STEM content as well as enabling staff in local programs to be consumers of cutting edge science in the field of teaching and learning. Her continuing goal is to have student-centered programs available across the state for pre-K-12 children and youth that honor their social/emotional needs and support their learning in and out of school.